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Bad breath, officially referred to as halitosis, is an issue that plagues most people sometime in their own life. While breath fresheners such as mints and gums can temporarily solve the problem, there are preventive measures which can be taken before it begins to halt bad breath. Food debris in gums and the teeth is a great environment to foster the bacteria that cause bad breath. Removing this debris generally through brushing and flossing is the ultimate way to stop bad breath. Another way to eliminate and avoid halitosis is in between meals and to use an antiseptic mouthwash to kill bacteria each single time you brush. Diet plays a significant part in dental hygiene and in the prevention of bad breath. You can find certain foods which can be truly effective in the prevention of halitosis, although it is obvious that specific foods, for example onions, can bring about bad breath. Eating healthy foods at breakfast is especially useful in eliminating the bad breath bacteria that may form in the mouth over night. In addition to eating a proper diet, staying -hydrated is likewise an essential instrument in the struggle against bad breath. Aside from being a social nuisance, bad breath may be an indication of a grave medical condition. It is advisable to visit a dentist concerning the issue, if your bad breath persists.Friends And Family Dental Health

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